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Agape Senior Living Rogue Valley Adult Foster Care Home. "Saunders Family"

Agape Senior Living
“Saunders Family”

Mike and I are so thankful to offer an incredible Rogue Valley Adult Foster Care Home. Agape Senior Living enjoys amazing views of the Rogue Valley, Mount McLoughlin, and Roxy Ann. It’s an honor for us to provide elderly care for those needing assistance with all activities of daily living. After spending time working as a CNA in a nursing home I had a strong desire to offer a better alternative for elderly care. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my residents and really care for their emotional needs as well as their physical needs. Mike’s mom had been in an Adult Foster Care home when she was suffering from the confusing and disheartening disease of Alzheimer’s before passing away in 2007. In 2010 Mike and I decided we would open an Rogue Valley Adult Foster Care Home so we could help people like his mom who had Alzheimer’s or other disabling diseases to live as full and rich a life as possible.

We moved our family of five to an amazing home that offers tranquil country living close to town. Residents can enjoy time spent out on the covered deck bird, squirrel, turkey and/or deer watching. The bedrooms are large, and the great room is a wonderful place to enjoy time by the fire reading, listening to music, watching TV or just enjoying the view. Our family atmosphere puts your family at ease so you can feel welcome and glad to be seen. Residents have the joy of being around children; Riley 14, Reagan 12 and Evan 9, which often brings much laughter, lightheartedness, and helps residents to reminisce about raising their own kids or of being a kid.

We chose the name Agape Senior Living because Agape means “unconditional or selfless love”. This is our dream of pouring out loving care for the elderly who can no longer care for themselves but we have been very pleasantly surprised how close we have become to the families of those who live with us. We are an Rogue Valley Adult Foster Care Home but we have turned into an adult family care home. :)